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Useful Tips and Hints for Playing Neopets
A New Way to Hack into Other Accounts

This is the best way to hack anyones Neopets password. Here is how to do it.


First, open a new email message. Type in the To: box this email address: (remember that Neopets Lost password issues are based on yahoo, you just dont know it).  In the subject line, type LOST PASSWORD In the body, type on the 1st line your screen name (ex: You1234). On the 3rd line, type your password. And on the 5th line, type the persons screen name (ex: Them1234).

 Here is an example of what the email should look like:












This works by confusing the server. It thinks you are a staff member of the Neopets/Yahoo Lost Password Center by the way you formatted the message so it sends you the password of the person. This is the best way to confuse the server.



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